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It’s been a while

I always mean to blog more, but usually it’s one of these thoughts that comes up in a conversation, or while I’m on a bus, or … so yeah. This time I’ve remembered all the way home, so let’s go!

I’ve now started at my new job at Google in Sydney (yes, free food!). It’s been pretty good so far. Sydney has been pretty welcoming, although everyone is really busy and I don’t have a circle (!) of friends to hang out with every day. After travelling for months in Asia (and many months of solo work with long hours before that) I guess it’s not that different though!

I have found some awesome new friends in Sydney though, which has been great, but perhaps that’s another story.

So what have I done … well. I came to Sydney about a week after I got back from Malaysia, and stayed out in Willoughby with a childhood friend. It looks something like this.


Starting work was full of things to learn but it was really a pretty welcoming experience. Pretty quickly I learnt that I was supposed to go to the US for training sometime, so I uh … did! That was 2 weeks in. In the US, in addition to working I biked up and down the Bay Area (near San Francisco), went to the Independence Day fireworks, and ate at at least 10 of the free cafes.

I also learnt that planning simultaneous movement of a bike and two travel bags is a difficult task. And that taxis in Mountain View can take 30 minutes to come or not turn up at all. And that the wind just loves blowing south when you’re biking north. And that I should act immediately on my thought “I should buy sunscreen sometime”. And that you should always take the first bus, even if it’s not an express.

Californian Road

Plus I played a bunch of Starcraft, joined the Google AHGL team (it’s a pretty awesome, friendly Starcraft 2 league between tech companies), and ran into a heap of interesting people.

I had 2 weeks of cloudless warm summer days in California. So when I got back to Sydney on my flight , it looked like this:


I got soaked on the way back to work that day, stubbornly refusing to take a taxi. But I did so in my nice new black Google jersey from the Mountain View store :P.

After that is a new story, and it can wait until a bit more of it has unfolded.

So yeah, I’ll try to cover both the good and bad things I’ve skipped over in the last few year or so. It will span several languages and areas of thought, so it might be hard to follow, but … よろしくね!

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