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I went to Japan and Korea over Christmas for a bunch of reasons. In short it was really, really awesome.

I stayed in 2 different capsule hotels. Capsules are two to a column (one top, one bottom). They come with a TV and you close them with a blind (but if people snore you can still kinda hear). It costs around $35 a night.

The first was aimed solely at Japanese businessmen and I probably couldn’t get in without asking in Japanese. This was quite good but annoying that lockers were not reserved during the day so I had to transfer my stuff to a different coin locker and back. The second was more touristy, bookable in english, had westerners but in return was louder, more expensive, and weirdly slightly smaller so I didn’t quite fit. There’s only public baths at both. Male only.

I found a banana vending machine.


I filled in some gaps in Tokyo from my last trip, where I walked all the way around the edges of central Tokyo. I walked to Yotsuya, in the center of that. It feels like the middle of nowhere though – as much as inner Tokyo can. Only 3 hours walking this time -_-.

Some of my friends from Tasmania were going to a comic, anime, and cosplay event in Tokyo called Comiket which attracts about half a million people. This turned out to be really awesome. I wasn’t brave or dedicated enough for the 5 hour lines for popular items, but I still found it really awesome wandering around taking pictures and searching for things.

Me + a small part of Comiket


I got to try working at a Tokyo office, stayed at a Japanese home (my friends are awesome), went drinking with other foreigners in Shibuya, caught up with many friends, met new ones, missed out on meeting some I really wanted to, did much karaoke, saw Mount Fuji from the center of Tokyo, caught a single whiff of falling snow in Andong, got through some basic conversation in Korean, and had a bunch of other unforgettable experiences.

Frozen stream in Korea

Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Kamakura, near Tokyo

Kamakura Shrine

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