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Andong, Korea

Let’s skip over a bunch of stuff and into next week. Somewhere in there I went to Seoul and a couple of other places. Maybe some other day.

Andong is an inland city in Gyeonsangbukdo (안동,경상붘도, the romanization is not great, don’t try to pronounce it), roughly in the middle of South Korea ( map ). Andong University exchanges students with the University of Tasmania – one of my friends in Hobart is from Andong, also several students living there recently visited the Esperanto Society in Hobart and so I’ve been sent forth to return the favor. Please don’t make me explain again. Please? -_-

So I got here, managed to stuff up my Korean sufficiently to book two rooms instead of two nights at the motel, eventually explained and fixed it after a bit of back and forth and working out I couldn’t count to two (일, 이, what’s the difference!).

That night we had a thunderstorm which lasted all night and well into the next day. Because I’m stupid, I chose to go walking that day. Several kilometers, to the other side of town. Luckily I had my hat.

I’m fairly sure I’ve now walked the length of the main part of Andong twice. I managed to not find what I was looking for both times. Tomorrow will be the third time, so hopefully it counts.

I have to guiltily admit that I complain incessantly about the overwhelming amount of sweet bread that Japan and Korea have (sometimes it feels like treachery, that isn’t supposed to be sweet! Also, if you can see the sugar, you’re probably right that it will reach out and kill you), but I actually like it when they apply the same formula to coffee. One of the shops here does a very nice strawberry latte. Also green tea latte is generally very good, despite the disturbing colour.

I went to Hahoe on a suggestion from my Korean friend in Hobart, it’s a pretty little village close to Andong made up of old style houses on a river bend.

Anyway, I got in contact with some of the students here and was introduced to the Mate club, which is a university society studying English by talking about a set topic for an hour every day. Pretty good idea, and they take it fairly seriously and seem to be learning a lot from it!

Sadly my Korean is still bad, ie 안촣하요 or even 바부 level. Working on it.

Oh, and today I glued my hands together while trying to fix my shoe. The glue bottle followed the traditional tomato sauce bottle design, or maybe I was supposed to read the Korean on the back or something.

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