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If you follow me on Twitter then you probably know that I’ve recently started an independent games studio called Abstract Artificer – its first game, called Spiri, has been released and is available on the iPhone App Store for your equivalent of US$1.

Spiri is a fun little game, but next I’m thinking of making something bigger next, maybe with a somewhat related concept but with a lot more of the things that people want from an iPhone game – social aspects, short term goals, and lots of marketing -_-. Also looking at making some non-game apps that people have suggested or requested from me.

For more on my game Spiri and Abstract Artificer, see

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On #coffeetime

Coffeetime is the eternal state of being that defines our presence in the world. It both is and is not finite, linked as it is to both a finite resource (time), and to the infinite reach of human imagination.

As such, you should understand that the question "when is coffeetime?" is more than a mere request for temporal details. It is a spiritual call for guidance and a link back to reality.