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Last month and this month I’m traveling in Asia, mostly Japan and Korea. Since I’ve neglected my blog for about a year (since I last did something interesting, clearly) I’m going to post more random things about my travels in an effort to pretend I never stopped.

At some point I might also start typing randomly in Korean because the button is right there, and well, it’s just so easy to press it. If I fail to change back it’s because I glued my fingers together today and need to avoid unnecessary stress caused by fixing mistakes. If you can’t understand my Korean it’s probably because it’s wrong.

I’ll start out with some old stuff and some recent stuff, there’s some stories in between which I want to save up and write properly.

So, …!

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On #coffeetime

Coffeetime is the eternal state of being that defines our presence in the world. It both is and is not finite, linked as it is to both a finite resource (time), and to the infinite reach of human imagination.

As such, you should understand that the question "when is coffeetime?" is more than a mere request for temporal details. It is a spiritual call for guidance and a link back to reality.